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Princesses of Coney Island - AKJ Production

Fashion Design by BreeOriginal

Pre-Wedding Music Video of Farhad & Naima

Crane Shots Samples

In Associated with SAB Pro.

Shamiul & Nayab's Highlight

Wedding Highlight of Shamiul & Nayab at Queens Museum. In associated with SAB Pro.  

© AKJ Production

Royal Manor Wedding Highlight

Highlight of a wedding shot at Royal Manor Hall. In associated with SAB Pro.  

© AKJ Production

Nahid & Tisha's Pre-Wedding

Pre-Wedding shoot of Nahid & Tisha

In associated with SAB Pro.  

© AKJ Production

Hasan & Rabea's Pre-Wedding Shoot

 © AKJ Production 

Asad & Rokeya Nikka Highlight

Asad & Rokeya's Nikkah Highlight at Joya Hall, Queens. - © AKJ Production

Hasan & Poly's Wedding Teaser

One of our old video of Hasan & Poly's wedding teaser with mixture of pre-wedding music video shoot. 

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